How to Make Your Corporate Booklets Stand Out

Sep 20, 2015

While Social Media ever increases the means by which you can reach out to new clients, the company booklet printing is the fastest way to make a connection with lasting impression. The booklet is one step better than a business card, or rather one giant leap better, in that you have so many ways in which to connect. Your company brand is tangible to your client, creating a first impression, your contact information is available for them to connect in person, and if done well, the reasons are there to guide and lead your customer into finding out why they need your product or service.

A few guidelines to creating a dynamic booklet printing are as follows:

– Know your audience and anticipate their needs. Be sure that before you put anything to print, you understand your audience, or potential customer.  Ask yourself why they would want to buy in. What benefit are you offering above another competitor? What problems do they have that you can potentially solve for them? If you can’t answer these simple questions, you’re not ready for print.

– Meet your Aunt AIDA. AIDA is an acronym that helps you remain focused throughout the planning stages, on Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, all of which you must continuously keep in your forethought as you prepare for print. Their importance level is even outlined in this acronym, as ‘attention’ is the most important point. You must, first and foremost, gain the attention of your audience, or they will never read your corporate booklet. You must engage their interest. Then, you must raise or create a desire for your product or service. Last, you must lead them gently to take action.

– Remember, it’s not about you. Really, it’s not. Potential customers do not want to hear about your company, or its employees, or how they won a medal for this or that. They want one thing specifically, to know what you are going to do for them, and how quickly and how well you intend on doing it. Can you meet their needs? This is what you must address. Using up space in the booklet trying to get your audience to buy now will result in just that- wasted space. This is soft-selling- leading, creating desire, prompting. Coming on too strong in the booklet will certainly cause someone who picked it up to realize quickly that they made a mistake, and they will put it down just as fast.

– Talk about the potential to make a purchase, but leave it at that. What you really want to do at this point is stay focused on the benefits the customers will get from doing business with you. Let them feel like it was their decision to make the purchase. They’ll feel better about spending their money if they feel like it was their own idea.

– Use short headlines in bold print and lots of infographics to take customers where you want them. Give them too much information and they will have no reason to turn a page. Don’t give them enough and they’ll feel cheated out of their time. It’s a delicate balance. Infographics can provide just the right amount of information and create enough desire to see more.

– If you must use lengthy text, save it for later on in the booklet or use bullet points to break up large blocks of text and create better readability that will leave your reader feeling less engaged or committed.

– Finally use gentle leads to call your readers to action. Don’t just give them a number to call. Use sentences such as ‘Call 800-xxx-xxx to speak with one of our agents who can answer all of your questions’. This gives your readers better direction.

A well thought out and beautifully printed corporate booklet printing will pay off in real dividends to your investment

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