How to Make Wallets and Card Holders Speak Your Brand

Aug 11, 2016

Executive Business Card Holder Custom made at Print CityPeople still use name card holders. Plus, everyone uses a wallet and you can design these two products with your logo and business name, as a corporate gift.

PrintCity offers designing and printing services for customized name card holders and wallets. Both of these things could be used for many years if used right. Their durability can help you advertise your business for years with dramatically low cost. On the other hand, name card holders and wallets have many categories and you can control the overall cost by controlling the size, quality and material used in it.

We at PrintCity has years of experience designing business card holders and wallets. Here are some secrets (and some obvious things) that you should know about this marketing tactic.

Quality Matters

Although the quality factor matters a lot with any kind of corporate gift or promotion item but wallets and name card holders need perfection. People don’t want to use low quality wallets and card holders as these things are easily available in the market. Of course, the quality has direct connection with the cost but it also has direct connections with the brand image. You definitely don’t want to be recognized as a business that gives low quality.

Advertise Wisely

You are going to give name card holder and wallets as a gift, do not make them look like ads. People don’t want to carry advertisements in their pockets so putting more than enough details about your business on the wallet and card holder is waste of resources. The best strategy is to use your brand color (if possible), use your business name and logo; that’s it.

Make Them Earn It

People don’t usually realize the price/value of a freebie because they are given to them for free. That means they won’t be using it and your marketing goals would not fulfill. A better solution is make them earn these gifts; customers should be given loyalty gifts and employees should be given gifts for their hard work. Also, you can convert your target audience into customers by offering these gifts in case a certain condition meets. For example, offer a free wallet if a customer signs up or buy a product.

How to Design a Name Card Holder or Wallet for Effective Marketing?

Although there is no universal formula as design aspects may vary depending on your target audience, brand image, products and many other factors. Here are few things you should remember while designing wallet and name card holder.

  • The logo must be at obvious and strategic position. Your logo represents your brand and products; people usually forget the business name but they subconsciously remember the visual aspects of a brand. That’s why you should emphasize your business logo.
  • The second most important thing is your business name. Your business name must associate with the logo and the gift itself. Sometimes, using slogan could be possible but make sure the information on wallet is not distracting and repelling.

Name card holders and wallets could prove themselves an effective corporate gift if used with the right designs and with the right target audience.

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