How to Make Good Use Of Your Event Space

Aug 7, 2016

Install a Backdrop at your event with PrintCity

Stage backdrops  are a great way to promote your brand while utilizing the wasted space. It  is a cost efficient marketing channel that enhances your events.

Stage backdrops and booth backdrops have gained popularity in last couple of years and although both of them are used in entirely different settings and arrangements but they are based on the same principle. The main purpose of a backdrop is to use the space effectively and get people’s attention toward your business or brand. PrintCity has years of experience in backdrop printing of all sizes and this approach never failed any brand. Consider a backdrop as a billboard because they are quite similar except billboards are seen from a distance.

Our professional have lifetime of experience in the industry and e have learnt a lot of things about backdrops in last couple of years; how to use them effectively, how to utilize the space efficiently, what information should be there and what shouldn’t, how to convey the message and many others. Let’s share some of those secrets.

Think like Your Target Audience

You might already know this approach as the best way to anticipate how people would perceive your marketing efforts is by think like them. In order to do so, pretend you don’t know anything about the brand or product and this is the first time you are seeing this. Now think of different ways a backdrop can grab your attention and most importantly you need to know and understand the level of knowledge your target audience have.

It’s about Branding

You might be using backdrop for advertising or promotion yet it serves the additional purpose of branding. Always use the original logo and slogan with original colors and fonts to make a long lasting impact on viewer.

Answer “What’s in it for me?”

Now that’s the challenging part as you need to answer this question using minimum words. This is the only question that comes in mind of your potential customers when they first time see your brand or products. Regardless of what kind of marketing channel you are using, this question must be answers before everything because otherwise people would lose interest in it.

Simpler is Better

Your brochures and booklets should be detailed so people can get most of the information from them but on the contrary, it is not wise to make a backdrop “content rich”. First of all, people wouldn’t have much time (and stamina) to read all of the contents and secondly, using too much content on the backdrop means the text size would be smaller which is problem on its own.

First Impression is Everything

According to our experience at PrintCity, you only have 1-2 seconds to make an impact. That’s the time you have to make the first impression and if your backdrop fails to grab people’s attention in less than 2 seconds then it is a total failure. Gladly, that’s not a big problem and by adopting some smart techniques like using the right text size, color combinations and other features, you can make a positive impact at the first glance.



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