How To Design a Gorgeous Banner For Your Campaign

Aug 8, 2016

Let your Brand Stand Tall with a Pull Up Banner From Print CityPull up banners and roll up banners have proved themselves as an effective marketing tool because of their cost efficiency, efficacy and their portability.

PrintCity provides pull up banner printing services for Singaporean businesses of all sizes. Pull up banners which are also known as roller banners or roll up banners are quite popular everywhere because they are cheaper, easier to present and effective. You can use a single pull up banner in your office and a temporary stall when needed. Unlike flyers and brochures, pull up banners have longer life and a well designed banner can grab the attention of potential customers from a distance.

Based on our years of experience in this field, an effective pull up banner must have following features and traits. Let’s take a closer look.

Logo at the Top

Using pull up banners is not just about promoting your business, products or specific event; it is also about branding. Use your company’s logo at the top of the banner and use the primary message at eye level. Usually, the primary message refers to slogan unless you are using the banner for specific event. The idea of using logo and slogan at the top is to grab the attention of readers. As people read contents from top to bottom, it is better to place the logo at top so people can see it before everything else.

Keep it Short

Pull up banner is not a brochure and it certainly is not a flyer. You can provide detailed information via brochures, flyers and other marketing material but there is no point in making the pull up banner “information rich”. Make sure it has the most important information and the primary message you want to convey. When it comes to contents on roller banners, lesser is better.

Use Attractive Colors

Use of attractive colors is recommended because of the obvious reasons; they would help you stand out from the crowd but using attractive colors is a dilemma on its own. You cannot ditch your brand identity in favor of better colors or texture. Of course diverting from your logo and brand is not reasonable but you can match the fonts and background color with the surroundings to make a difference. The key here is to use high contrast.

Using Images

Using images on pull up banner is neither too good or too bad; however, the use of images (like your product images) is only recommended when highly necessary. If you are going that way, make sure the image is of high quality. That’s where professional services like PrintCity pull up banner printing can make a huge difference. Unless you are a professional designer, you cannot achieve the level of quality a specialized company in this field achieves.

Quality Counts

Like every other marketing material, quality counts here too. A poor quality pull up banner would not be able to stand straight because of the low quality material used in it. That’s why using cheap material is like wasting the money on useless efforts. Such pull up banners would defy the purpose and hurt your brand image.

Get a good quality pull banner printed and flaunt it at the front of your next event showcase.

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