How to design a calendar

May 29, 2018

Calendars are of the essence in people’s lives. We all need a calendar to be display in our home and office. But what is the true essence of a calendar? A calendar is useful in organizing the day to day activities of the people. The following is how you can design your company calendar.

Select Your Theme

When you are choosing your theme and photos, it never hurts to be as artful as possible. Yes, you can have a calendar that features lots of posed, smile and say cheese photos of friends or family but why? If you are feeling stumped, feel free to borrow ideas from some of your favourite photographers.

Edit Your Photos

If you have a photo-editing software program such as Photoshop or Picture It, your creativity has just begun. You do not necessarily have to Photoshop items or people or into your photographs.

Create Calendar

Many different software programs can help you do this, and most make it as simple as dropping your photos into a template. In case you are not too fussy, MS Word has some simple templates for calendars, and you should also be able to find a number of them online. Take your time here and find a template that you like.

Make it Personal

This is another opportunity to get creative, or at the very least, to customize your calendar to your audience. You must include all the information may be about you, the company and all information about your company especially the company details.

Get it Printed

Some software programs will walk you thru the process, or you can do some trial and error via test pages if need be.


Most calendar companies choose the simple saddle stitch with a couple of staples in the middle, but if you want to take a step up, spiral coil binding is the way to go.

Calendar printing helps to improve the brand identity of a company or business by making sure that the clients are aware of its operations throughout the year. They can help to give a company invaluable exposure as they are usually hung in various homes. They are also a popular way for a company to enhance their visibility among customers and potential clients.

When you need a way of setting realistic goals, a marketing calendar is going to help you with that. You can use a calendar to advertise products or services as it saves time. It takes the inefficient busy work and gets rid of it, and this is going to help save you time on your business. With a marketing communication calendar, you can help to make sure that you remain organized. Disorganization can lead to a major loss of money when you are not careful. Being organized when disaster strikes are also going to help you to deal with that disaster.

Calendars can also help to make clients more familiar with the products and services that the company offers. It is important to consider what the target market likes and what they are more likely to hang in their homes. It is always best to assume that every company is giving out calendars and that this particular calendar is the one that the customer should choose to hang in the main living area. By so doing, a client will be able to promote their company and make their brand more recognizable effectively.

Professionals can assist you in designing your company calendar in the best manner possible. They have the latest marketing tools that are needed to advertise your company through a calendar. This will help in advertising your business in the best possible manner.


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