How Printing Flyers Can Help to Grow Your Business

Oct 5, 2015

Marketing flyers have the potential to bring sales and new clients in to your business. They also have the potential to wind up in the garbage. What they will do depends on several key factors:

– How much planning you put into the design of the flyer

– How much money was spent on a professional product

– How the flyers were distributed

Flyers or leaflets are single page advertising with print on one side. Their intent is to make the public aware of a product or service. As a real marketing tool, they come with advantages and disadvantages. Flyers printing are designed to be a simple marketing tool. Too many companies use them to tell everything from their company history to every item or product that they sell. The problem with this method is that no one is going to read that kind of flyer. The flyer’s success depends on the message being clear, brief, and dynamic.

Because flyers printing in singapore are quite cheap, if used well they can become a powerful  approach to selling, almost like handing out your business card over and over. We all know that we can’t go out and pass out a thousand business cards, but you can pass out a thousand flyers, and this can make a big impact on your advertising budget.

When flyers are passed out by hand, there is instant feedback from the person who receives it, allowing the distributor to tell in realtime what the recipients are thinking and feeling about it.

Flyers are able to reach a broad spectrum of the population, rather than trying to target a specific cross section of the community, and in this way, you can blanket the area with promotion.

Flyers that are not well thought out can have a poor marketing value for the cost, so it’s important to use them as the tool they are designed to be. They can either leave a lasting impression or immediately be forgotten. This is the delicate balance of the flyer.

Letting the customer come to you will give you the best bang for your advertising buck when it comes to flyers.  Fitting them under windshield wipers is a sure way to have a parking lot ground littered with them and money spent gone out the window. The same result can be expected when passing them out in person and forcing people to take them.

One of the best ways to distribute flyers is to have a poster display set up next to you with an infographic describing your service or product. Then, as people are drawn to the infographic, you give them the opportunity to take a flyer and learn more, or if they ask questions, you can answer them by handing out a flyer.

Another impactful method is to set a stack of flyers in a location such as a coffee shop where people can take them as they like or leave them if they want. This almost insures no wasted resource. A stack of flyers can be set on a counter-space next to a short poster infographic to draw the eye over to the advertising. This gives the customer the option to engage by taking a flyer or ignore by leaving it. They may perhaps take one and put it back after a few minutes. The added benefit of the infographic puts your company identity or logo in the public’s eye as well and does double duty to promote.

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