How Posters Can Make Your Business Stand Out in an Event

Oct 5, 2015

Company posters are one of the most versatile of all advertising methods, and they can be quite effective when done properly. Posters are cost effective and provide all of the benefits of corporate identity branding that make a promotional tool successful. One of the greatest benefits of corporate posters is their ability to take the company logo or identity and put it out there in the public eye. This can be done with simplicity, without a lot of text or long messages. Your company logo infused with a few clear, concise words can say what a book cannot.

It’s essential that while planning your company poster you use a professional poster designer and manufacturer who knows the ropes of the trade and will create something that will leave a lasting impression on the passers-by. If your business has a booth at an event, a poster can do one singular thing that the entire booth cannot- draw people in to engage. Potential customers walking around at an event do not want to commit as a rule without good reason, and would rather pass by your booth than step in and regret that step. A well-placed poster designed as an infographic can give them the right amount of information without smothering them and making them feel committed.

Company poster printing can be at more than one place at a time, which your booth generally can not. This is another huge advantage of this portable infographic. Placed in strategic locations around the event, your posters can point the way to your main booth at the same time that they offer tidbits of info. If a stand-up infographic poster is made with a place to hold flyers, your tool can serve many functions at the same time and save money as well. Once you pay for the poster, it belongs to you, unlike an employee you have to pay an hourly rate. Since you are in effect investing in another employee on the pay roll, spend some time and design it so that it can serve many purposes and work long hours.

A company poster placed at the entrance to your booth can give people walking past a few choice pieces of information without having to ask the booth-holder a single question. Choose colors and fonts that will catch attention from a distance, drawing people in to see more. In contract to flyers and business cards that are easily disposable and more often than not ‘out of sight, out of mind’, a poster is in sight of the public continuously, promoting your company, calling out to people to come near and have a look. The portability of this powerful advertising tool is unmatched in any other means.

Experiment with your poster during an event to see where it can benefit the greatest. Walk around the event or have an employee do so to see how far away it can be seen and where it can be placed to have the greatest impact. If you have more than one poster, use the second one as a movable identity and transplant it every couple of hours for maximum exposure.

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