How Calendar Printing Is Still Effective in Singapore?

Jul 16, 2016

Businesses need to find newer and more creative marketing tactics to stand out from the crowd. Calendar advertising has risen as an effective marketing strategy in last couple of years because of its efficacy and cost efficiency. You can advertise your business, brand, products and services. You can even advertise different things in different months depending on your plans.

How Calendar Advertising is an Effective Marketing Strategy for Corporations?

Interestingly, if you deliver the calendar to the right audience at the right time, your target audience would be seeing your “ad” every day for throughout the year. Now, that is a promising tactic and very cheap too. As your ad would be displaying for 365 days, it would cost you around a penny per day. Not to mention you can control the number of target audience and control the overall cost. For example, if you want few hundred calendar or thousands of them, it would be delivered in few days or weeks.

Calendars are given as gifts; of course people love receiving gifts and that’s how you can make an impact.  As compared to other advertisements, where ads are forced on to people, calendars change the way how people perceive a business or brand. There are some other gifts too like tissue packs but they have very low shelf life. Although they are not wasted like flyers and brochures but instead people either use tissues themselves or given it to someone else but still they have short life.

On the other hand, calendars live longer that means they provide a better exposure of your brand for a longer time period. Calendars are functional and practical; people see them every day. Additionally, not only the receiver sees it every day but when people use them in home or office, other people see them too. It is highly recommended to add your contact information on the calendar so people can contact you easily whenever needed.

One of the greatest advantages of calendar advertising is its controlled distribution. Unlike many other forms of advertising and marketing where you cannot control the target audience at all or have very little control over the process, calendar advertising offers highly controlled environment where you can give your ‘ads’ to whoever you like. The idea of giving free gifts like calendar, tissue packs and even discounts is to make repeat customers.

Voucher advertising and discounts cannot possibly distinguish between repeat customers and bargain hunters, but with the controlled distribution of calendar advertising, you can spend your investment wisely on specific people.

Calendars Help in Branding Too…

As mentioned above, people see calendar at least once in a day and if you have properly designed your calendar from a professional with proper color combinations, fonts and every other aspect, people would notice logo and slogan. Seeing the logo and slogan everyday would increase your brand awareness. People who would receive your calendar are willing to see it every day, that’s promising.

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