How Brochures Can Help Your Business Marketing

Nov 13, 2016

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Posters are considered one of the oldest marketing materials and businesses all around the world use posters to advertise their products and services. Interestingly, posters were still a part of marketing campaign and advertisement more than a century ago and they are still effective. If you see things deeply, you would understand that every marketing material or method is somehow connected with each other.

For example, poster is a smaller version of billboard and simplified version of a brochure. However, it is quite identical to online banners. Singapore businesses which don’t use posters as a marketing material lose a big opportunity to reach out to their customers.

How Posters Can Help In Marketing Campaigns?

Unlike many other marketing methods, posters are cheaper and easy to come by. You can also use cheaper paper and no one would notice; however, it needs to be interesting and informative so it can have some real value for the reader. Most of the time, businesses use vertical posters because they are easier to read but there is no strict rule or psychological effects behind not using landscape orientation; based on what you are going to print the poster and whether it would look good with vertical orientation or landscape, you can choose whatever you want.

Where Can Posters Be Used In Singapore?

Posters are used everywhere they could be used. Companies use posters during trade shows, exhibitions and other similar events to reach out to their target audience. Mainly, posters can help businesses in marketing campaigns because of two reasons; first, they are cheaper and second, you can get as many as you want on a short notice. Unlike billboards they don’t cost a fortune and take days to be ready.

While designing the poster, consider the following things

  • Readability is the most important thing here; make sure the poster is easily readable. The primary message of the poster must be the focal point and it must be clear. Do not put lots of information on the poster as no one has the time to read long ads.
  • Add call-to-action at the end. Without a clear call to action, people wouldn’t know what to do next. For this purpose, add your business email, phone number and address.

How to Design a Perfect Poster?

There are poster designing and printing services in Singapore that can help you in this regard. Of course you can design posters yourself but if you are not a professional designer then it is better to get professional services to make a good impression on your customers. There are two ways to design poster yourself; you can either use online poster designing services or you can get online printing services.

Online poster designing services allow users to visit their website, use a friendly user-interface that would be specifically designed for non-professionals (and would lack most of the good features) and use templates to design a poster. Or if you have some prior experience with designing, you can design the poster on your computer and send the file to an online printing service which would send you the printed posters via post.


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