How a Pen Can Be a Remarkable Corporate Gift

Aug 8, 2016

Present a Corporate gift Pen from PrintCity


Corporate gifts are a fun way to promote your brand and make a deep positive impact on people. Pens are effective, relatively cheaper and last for many days.

You might be looking for innovative marketing solutions but so do your competitors. That’s why it is not wise to left some stones unturned. Corporate gift is an effective medium to connect with your potential customers and they have proved themselves a powerful marketing tool in last couple of decades. Corporate gifts don’t have to be expensive as this is not about the value but instead the concept behind giving free gifts is to make a nice gesture.

Printed pens are equally popular among big corporations as well as small businesses because they are very cheap and easy to come by. Interestingly, printed pens come with secondary and tertiary purposes; when you give people promotional gifts like corporate printed pens, you actually advertise your brand and make a long lasting impact on the people. It is a smart way to enter the subconscious of people without making alarms.

Unlike other promotional gifts and marketing materials, pens have very little space on them and you should use that wisely. Business name and logo should be there and everything else is unnecessary.

Let’s see few things we have learnt in last couple of years in this business.

It Should Remind People Your Brand

Research has proven that a corporate gift must remind people your brand, products and the business itself. The more they see that gift, the more likely they would buy your products or services. What’s better gift than pen that everyone needs everyday and the user would be seeing your logo and business name several times a day. Now that’s smart marketing.

The Gift Should be Shareable

That’s something that many businesses neglect which selecting the right gift for their potential client. Giving one person a corporate gift is one thing, and if your gift is shareable, people would be sharing it with their friends and family that would do your job for you – free advertising and marketing. Printed pen is the perfect example; people lend pens to other people all the time and considering the life span of an average pen, hundreds of people would see it at least once.

The Gift should be Useful

That’s no brainer; the corporate gift should be useful as its primary purpose is to add value to others’ lives. Why would someone share something useless with other people? A printed pen always come in handy and everything it would prove itself useful, the user would be subconsciously thinking about your brand and thanking you for the gift.

Don’t Go the Cheapest Route

Although printed pens are relatively cheaper than other corporate gifts considering how useful they are and everyone needs them. Yet you might get some options when it comes to the quality and durability; that’s where you can make a difference. Do not go with the cheapest option but instead choose something reliable and that lasts long. The longer the life of pen, the longer it would market your business.

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