How a Compelling Name Card Can Help Your Business

Sep 20, 2015

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For the insignificant investment of the business card, your company can reap huge dividends. The name card immediately sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, in fact, just having one to offer is sort of a grounding experience. It lets the other person know that you’re a person of business, of another caliber, rather than someone who jots his name down on a piece of paper for you to file away and look at later.


A name card makes you look professional right from the start. The first impression your new associate has of you is that you are a professional, in whatever field you are in, be it a backyard gardener or a sales manager. Once you hand them a card, and they stow it away in their wallet or purse, it’s there as something more concrete than a handshake and more solid than a conversation. It’s a tangible reminder of who you are.

Since name card printing is entirely customised, the name card printing creator may set the unique tone of how you are to be portrayed. Online card creating tools allow you to see exactly what the card looks like before you have it printed.

Regardless how how technical our society becomes, it will be hard to beat the personal touch of handing someone a business card when a connection is made. There’s just no other close up and personal touch that compares.


Once you purchase and receive the cards, it’s important to have one available at all times on your person. It’s quite a bit more effective if you have them in your breast pocket or other place on you where it will not get bent up. Carrying a stack of them in your wallet will almost certainly guarantee that you will hand out a crumpled card. This is not a sign of professionalism, it’s more a sign of a slob. If necessary, put a stack of them in a crush-proof container and carry in a pocket where they will not get damaged. A mistake some people make is to keep their cards in their vehicle. This makes for a series of awkward mad dashes to retrieve a card every time you connect with someone you want to share it with.

Consider the ways in which you want to use your name card. If you wish to network with it, have plenty of them on hand to exchange with another person when you meet. If you intend on advertising with them, be certain to keep a container of push pins in your vehicle for the times when you come across a bulletin board. When you are sending out mail and correspondence, use paper clips to attach your cards to documents and paperwork.


The convenience of the name card exchange is almost unparalleled. With new technology, the card can be scanned and stored as a means of portability. For a client based business, it is almost indispensable as a way to keep your name in the forethought of people you want to be thinking about you.

It’s a safe bet that when you walk out the door in the morning and engage in the business world, there are going to be other people and companies who are offering the same services or products that you are offering. Regardless of the type of business you’re invested in, there is no other cheap and easy way to keep people thinking about you instead of your competition. This is perhaps the greatest benefit to the business card- giving out a visual reminder of what you do.

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