Go Creative With Low Cost & Highly Effective Booklets

Aug 10, 2016

Be elaborate in your marketing with PrintCity booklet printing serviceCreative marketing with booklet printing does not need a big budget or effort, this strategy is quite effective too. You can get maximum bang for your bucks.

Booklet printing is a highly effective advertising and marketing strategy that is mainly used to convey a long message in concise, concrete and complete form. The idea behind booklets is letting your target customers know about your business, products and services without taking too much time. As you can anticipate, the length of a booklet matters a lot as too short wouldn’t be enough to convey the whole message and too long would be boring and kill the entire purpose of it. The benefits of booklets include:

– A booklet might not be as economical as brochure or flyer, but it provides value by allowing you to present your brand and business in an effective form.

-Interestingly, flyers and brochures do not have longer life span that mean they cannot make a bigger impact. On the other hand, booklets are kept for longer time period and sometimes people give them to their friends or family as reference.

-Because of their size and nature, booklets are easy to send via mail and you can distribute them too.

There is virtually no limit on types of booklets as the core philosophy behind booklet printing is presenting your business, products, services and sometimes even ideas to your target audience. Let’s see some most common booklet types.

Image Booklets

These are the most popular ones and the reason is quite obvious; image booklets are visually appealing and if you use professional printing services for promoting your products via high quality picture, image booklets can do wonders. Make sure those graphics and visual elements provide real value and information.

Informative Booklets

Unlike other types of booklets, the main purpose of informative booklets is to provide sometime useful, meaningful and handy to the readers while promoting your brand or products as secondary purpose. Of course the language used in informative booklets is not that salesy but it should be conversational and friendly. Some examples are cookbook, motivational guide, how-to and tips about specific things.

Technical Booklets

Technical booklets are quite similar to instruction manuals because the nature of their contents but instead of instructions, such booklets provide technical details about a brand, product or service that image booklets cannot provide. These booklets are specifically designed for people who live detailed technical information.

Of course, booklet printing is not as cost efficient as flyers but if done right, you can get maximum bangs for your buck. In order to do it the right way, first you must know your end goal. For example, we get many clients who want to design booklets without knowing what they want to achieve; this approach is not good and ineffective.

Most of the time, businesses use booklet for brand awareness among their target audience but you can also use them to promote a specific aspect of your business. Even if you are promoting a specific product or service, make sure it includes a general overview of your business.

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