Four Golden Tips When Gifting Employees and Business Partners

Aug 1, 2016

how to build better relationships by gifting right

Gifts help to build stronger relationships between the giver and the recipient. A lot of thought should go to the selection of gifts coupled with careful research on what kind of company gifts to present. Companies award their employees and business partners for different reasons.

Below are wise nuggets about how to gift your employees.

1# Give by Observation

By being observant of what a particular employee or business partner likes, you can craft the gift idea around a set of observations and making sure you get the gift in advance to avoid last minute rush. Different types of people have different ideas on what kinds of gifts they term to be sufficient.

2# Give by Interests of the Recipient

Appreciation of a gift coincides with the interests of the recipient. By deciding early on the recipient, the giver can do in-depth research on the interests of the recipient. You do not want a situation where you give a fishing set to a person who has no interest in fishing and most probably does not even like fish.

3# Gift by Season of the Year

In most instances, a company gifts its employees and business partners during the end of year office party. Other companies reward quarterly based on exemplary performance. Be careful to note the season that you will gift and know which types of gifts coincide well with a particular season. Do not go about giving a thick blazer when Singapore is entering monsoon season.

4# Gift by Personality Type

As in a company, we have people of different strokes. It is necessary to know what kind of character the recipient has. Some have are introverts while others are extroverts. Each of these types has different ideas towards the kind of gift they get.

Overall, careful planning and research on best corporate gifts with respect to each recipient is the baseline. An easier way to know which kind of gift would be appropriate for different people is by getting in touch with their family and or friends. Be sure to start planning for this all-important venture a few months before the big day, to avoid any surprises. For instance, take the time to know what other companies use to gift their employees to know what you should buy or not buy.

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