How Much It Costs to Get Business Cards Printed

Oct 17, 2016

business cards leave deep first impressions

Business cards are considered the face of a company and its representative; unfortunately, they are underrated even though we all know business cards help us make the first impression on customers and clients. People, who understand the importance of business cards, put enough money and efforts into finding the perfect card for their business. Now you can even design your business card on your own as there are many online services that let you do that. Those cards may not fulfill your requirements considering the limitations but you would get an idea of how things work.

The prices vary drastically based on individual service provider as well as other factors like number of printed cards and quality of the paper. Usually, you can get 100-500 cards for $50-75. Just like the traditional business card printing services, the online services also reduce the cost if you order a bigger number. Unfortunately, even the best of online services have limitations; you can only use specific fonts and other design aspects.

As those services are made for people with little or no technical knowledge of designing, most of the professional features are either removed or hard to code into an online service. There is another way; you can design the card on your computer and get online services to print that design for you. The company would send you the printed cards via post. Uploading the file from your computer and get it printed, is a relatively more costly way as it costs about $20-70 for 250 to 500 cards.

Most of the online services have lower limit (usually 250 but it may vary) so you have to print at least that number of cards. Some of the online services offer free-shipping if you order above a specific number or specific amount. So, spending some time on finding the most suitable business card printed service in Singapore wouldn’t hurt. Regardless of what online service you choose, there are few things you need to check before making an order.

  • Make sure you know their shipping charges to avoid any kind of surprise later.
  • Make sure the online service allows you to select the desired quality and paper thickness.
  • If it is not mentioned on the website, ask the service whether they provide UV varnish.

The quality and thickness of the paper is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter). A typical paper used in offices could be 80 to 120 GSM. And business cards are printed on 300 GSM or above. Sometimes people opt for 180GSM paper but that is a thin paper that is cheaper but fails to make a good first impression. 300GSM is considered a suitable paper and most of the businesses prefer that because of the desired thickness and durability. However, 350GSM is considered a premium quality paper.

There are two types of paper/cards; gloss and matte. The different between these two types is pretty obvious; glossy business cards are shiny while matte cards have a solid look. UV varnish is used to protect the cards from water and dirt, and makes it durable.

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