Finding the best printing company in Singapore

Aug 21, 2015

In Singapore, there are countless of printing companies and firms. Some of them are long established, where a huge portion are them are newly established. Over the past few years, there had been an increasing trend that many new printing companies started outsourcing printing jobs to countries like Malaysia and China, reducing operational overheads and manpower.

In such situation, it’s important to note that your jobs is actually being handled out of Singapore, therefore in times of emergency such as printing error due to printers or miscommunication, they can’t be resolved or rectify immediately. Many printing companies in Singapore promise a 5-7 working days turnaround time due to the fact that time for logistics between foreign countries to Singapore are included as well, therefore the delayed production time.

As a Singapore company, we find that it’s very important to find the best printing company that can produce the best printing quality in-houses, with local digital printing / offset printing production machines and specialists. Especially for events management companies, it’s important to ensure that your printing partner are 100% in-house and local production so that you will have more time and quality assurance.

Outsourcing may be cheaper, but in return you do not get as much time security as well as quality assurance. Therefore, Print City may be one of your preferred choice as best printing partner for your company.

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