Finding the Best Corporate Gifts For Your Business

Sep 20, 2015

There are several categories of corporate gifts that your company can think about giving, some are for clients from your company, some are for employees from management, and some are for management from employees. Corporate gifts seem to change with the times, but a few stay true despite changes in society.

Some great gifts that your company can give to clients include:

– Gift certificates to local restaurants, night clubs, theater, orchestra, or other entertainment

– High-end chocolates or candy

– Quality pens

– Compact vehicle flashlights

– Cigars for a client who smokes them

You should choose gifts for your clients that are practical and will be put to good use, not some useless gift that leaves the client wondering what on earth he will ever do with it. If you’re unable to think of anything else to give, rely on the standard gift certificate.

Corporate Gifts for the employee are somewhat easier to select, since a company manager should know something about his employees, and if nothing else, should be able to pick out some useful gifts for the office or workplace. Some choices for employee gifts include:

– Corporate Gift certificates or gift cards of all kinds such as restaurants, clubs, spas, sporting events, theater, movies or any local special events that are coming up in the near future

– Gift baskets with crackers, meats, and cheeses

– Lighters, both engraved and not

– Fine wine

– Anything that relates to your relationship to the employee or what you know about him.

There is always the old stand-by employee gift with the company logo on it to be used in the office on their next work day, but those types of gifts are not exactly well received and make the giver feel better than the receiver.

Executive gifts may be the hardest of all corporate gifts to buy because an employee may feel subconsciously that his job is riding on the gift picked out. Any gift given is a gesture. If you’re in a position where you have to decide on an executive gift keep a few things in mind. Go personal, instead of business. While it will be good for a brief chuckle if your boss opens up a box with a new desk nameplate in it, that sort of gift is not personal and doesn’t really mean much. Choose gifts that the executive can use at home and enjoy. Some examples of executive gifts:

– Fruit, chocolate, or meat and cheese baskets that they can enjoy at home with their family. Don’t skimp, buy the best.

– Quality entertainment gift certificates that the executive can use with their family

– If the executive travels, pick out some medium sized travel luggage that would suit his needs.

– For golfing executives, a great collection of golf balls is a terrific gift.

– A fine bottle of wine with engraved wine glasses

– Well-made cigars for a man who smokes them

For executives who are receiving an award for a certain amount of years of service to the company, some gift ideas include items that can be easily engraved on to commemorate the occasion. Lighters and clocks are all the rage but not necessarily useful items. Engraved pen sets are usually enjoyed by anyone who receives them.

Use a little thought and buy gifts that will make the receiver feel special, as though you went to some trouble to locate a gift for them, instead of handing out pens and paper-weights with the company logo on them from a big box just delivered from a printing company. Your gift should say in one way or another that the company cares.

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