Examples and Uses of Costly and Low-Cost Corporate Gifts

Sep 22, 2015

Corporate gifts are visible, tangible means of keeping your company logo or message on the forethought of clients and potential customers. They are also a great way to let employees know the company cares about them and also takes the logo out into society where it can be used as advertising.

Corporate T-shirts are an example of some low-cost corporate gifts that have high advertising value. Allowing the employees to wear their company T-shirts to work one day a week will insure that they will leave the office wearing your logo, during lunch, and after work, advertising all the way from work to their homes. You can’t beat marketing like that at such a low cost.

Corporate gifts for clients let them know that their business is valuable to your company. Clients who receive a gift as a thank you for doing business with you will not fail to tell others about the service or product you have provided for them. They are likely to even give you repeat business. When your service or product comes up in a conversation, your company is going to be the first that crosses their mind.

Gifts that are suitable for clients that you wish to express thanks for their business include:

– Gift certificates for any of a variety of pleasant foods, events, or local outings

– Chocolates delivered to their residence

– Lighters, engraved or not

– Cigars for clients who smoke

– Local weekend holiday retreats

– A well-considered book

– A spa pampering

– A paid membership at a sports gym

– Magazine subscriptions

Some expensive corporate gifts which can sometimes be suitable for executives or employees who have been with the business for milestone years include:

– Jewelry

– Well made alligator or leather luggage

– Gold and silver pens

– Cigarette cases

– Gourmet gift baskets

– A set of golf clubs

– Espresso coffee makers

– Solid gold or silver fountain pens or pen sets

– Gold pocket watch

– Desk globe

Some examples of acceptable gifts for employees that have not been with the company for very long, but are in line for some type of notice include:

– Gift certificates to restaurants or other entertainment locally

– Quality gift baskets

– Budget holiday packages

– Lighters

– Local weekend vacations

Corporate gifts can be used for a wide variety of occasions. If a client has purchased something that has resulted in your making a lot of money within the company, it is fitting to show your appreciation for their business by way of gifting. This lets them know you are grateful, and it opens the door for future business as well as great word of mouth advertising and potential for business from their friends and family.

For a company that has a team of employees that have done a specific job that has resulted in huge gains for the company, corporate gifts are also fitting. This creates a bond between the employee and the company and causes your workers to want to give their all to future projects.

Company picnics are an excellent time to single out workers that have gone over and above their job specifications. These gifts should be personal, if not expensive. Don’t wait for a special occasion to give corporate gifts. Use any excuse that you can think of to make the people you work for or with feel like they are valuable.

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