Everything you need to know about marketing collaterals

Mar 28, 2018

What You Need to Know About Marketing Collaterals

Whether you are running a small or large-scale business, you have to market your goods or services. Marketing works hand in hand with advertising. A good marketing strategy can increase the number of customers and therefore boost your sales. Today, we are going to focus on marketing collaterals, what they are, their benefits and how to use them.


What are Marketing Collaterals?

It refers to a collection of printed materials that a company/business creates and distributes with the aim of promoting its products, services and brand. It should be designed to elaborate the details of your products and why they are the best in the market.


Why are Marketing Collaterals Important?

The thing about marketing collateral is that they tell clients who you are, what you do and why they should buy that product from you. It also helps build your brand. Plus, it also helps the sales departments in moving customers through the sales cycle.


The Types of Marketing Collateral

Sell Sheets

It’s a brief and compelling document that explains the benefits of buying a product. It should be at most two pages. Unlike a brochure, it often focuses on the particulars of a specific service or product. The images and typography should be balanced to ensure readability. It should have your contact information in case the client wants to inquire about something. A Sell Sheet comes in handy for a product that went missing on the market for a while.


Brochures are common but effective marketing material. Nearly all businesses/companies have brochures, why does yours not have one? It’s full of information. You should ensure it has appealing graphics so that it captures the interest of the target audience. They help create awareness about what you have to offer. It’s also ideal when communicating about a new product that you are bringing to the market. You can put all information you think is necessary for the brochure.

Business Cards

Business cards are not as old-fashioned as people think. They have a personal touch and should contain your contact information. Always carry them with you everywhere you go. You never know who you will meet. As much as people are turning to social media, giving somebody, your business card will have a more concrete effect than giving him/her your Facebook name or Twitter handle.


Posters have also been there for quite a while. The advantage of using posters is that you have access to an unlimited audience. It will be read by everyone who comes across it. Even if they don’t have time to read, they will look at what it’s about and who it’s from. Ensure that you design it well so that it grabs the attention of people.


They are used for advertising and creating awareness of the products or services you are offering. Make sure it’s brief and use large fonts. It should also be interesting enough so that it attracts the potential customer to buy your product. Plus, making and printing fliers is very economical.


Above are some types of marketing collateral that are effective in helping you create awareness about your products or services. Depending on your type of business, you can use one or all these marketing collateral types.

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