Everything you need to consider before printing name cards

Apr 5, 2018

In today’s world of modern technology, business owners and marketers should recognize the influence of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO improves the marketing effort and business growth. For printing companies, they can improve their marketing effort by designing and printing their name cards using the following tips.

Figure Out the Name Card’s Specifications

Before starting off, you should first know the basic considerations of your project. The considerations should include the following:

Size of The Card

These cards should be smaller to fit in the card folio. In most cases, the size of a name card is commonly 3.5 inches by 2 inches.



Orientation is the way people view your card in landscape, portrait or square and custom cuts format.

Landscape Orientation

This format is the most common orientation, which allows the name card to be viewed horizontally. It is easy to read while in the cardholder.

Portrait Orientation

The type of orientation allows the name card to be read vertically unlike the other one.

Square and Custom Cuts Orientation

This is a unique type of orientation that has the potential of being too resourceful to your business. Settling for this type of card is the crucial choice.


Type of Material Used

The quality of materials used to design the card carries a lot of weight. Although most of the cards are printed on paper, you can opt for other materials such as plastic. However, if at all you must you the paper, ensure that you choose the right thickness, color, weight and coating.


Choose Your Name Card Design Essentials

Once you are ready to start designing your card, you should pay attention to the following design elements for you to successfully come up with the best card for your business.


Make sure that you use the best colors that can work well to represent your brand. You can blend as many colours as you can.


The right font will always give your card the right feel. For this reason, you should ensure that the card’s font size is readable and make use of script fonts, which does not comprise readability.

Put Every Information in Its Right Place.

The front of the card should bear vital information whereas the back should be used in giving the card the flavors. Information to be on the front of the card include

  • The name of the business or organization
  • Job title of the bearer
  • Names of the bearer
  • Contact information such as office telephone number, email address, and fax.
  • Business logo
  • Web address of the organization.

On the other hand, the back of the card should bear some stylish imagery in form of original artwork. In this place, you can also put your business logo.

Break Away from The Usual Designing

Instead of designing your card using the normal design, you can break from that norm and create something truly salient. You can achieve this by incorporating the following.

Give Your Card Special Finishes

You can give your card the ability to stand out by giving it special finishes such as metallic ink and foil blocking. Such finishes help in maintaining the elegance level of the card.


Prepare Your Card in Readiness for Printing

Before you commence printing your name card, ensure that every element of the design is well put. This will enable avoid common mistakes which are realized after the cards have already been printed. Some of the things to keep on check include the following:

File Settings of The Card

Before printing, ensure that your file is correctly saved for future retrieval and reprint.

Size of The File and Resolution

The standard size of the name card should be 3.5 inches by 2 inches. This size requires a document size of 1039 by 697 pixels. However, for you to come up with the best quality printout with high resolution, try converting your document to vector – based file such as PDF.

Fonts and Colour Setting in Your Card.

Ensure that you embed your texts with the correct font licenses. Before printing, ensure that you use CMYK colour mode for high-quality printouts.

To sum up, the above tips will help you come up with the most eye-catching name cards that will attract your audience. This will improve the physical awareness of the company at large. If you are ready to get your name cards printed, head on over to our name cards section to make an enquiry or if you have your artwork ready, head on over to our online shop to make an order now.

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