Why your digital marketing is not working

Mar 6, 2018

Digital ads are an important part of any marketing strategy, but they’re just one part of the overall puzzle when it comes to gaining new customers. What many companies don’t realize is that even though digital ads do experience high conversion rates when they reach the correct audience, you still need a print ad campaign to raise brand awareness. If your digital ad strategy isn’t working, chances are, nobody knows who your brand is. To succeed in grabbing customers’ attention, you’ll need to create a multi-faceted marketing campaign that features a variety of different types of advertising, including both print marketing and digital marketing. Here’s why this is the most effective technique for building your customer base and how you can implement it.

Print ads raise your overall brand awareness.  

We are so bombarded with online ads every day that we don’t always process all of them. Print ads and other dynamic ad campaigns such as billboards, event sponsorships and pop-up shops are some of the best ways to familiarize your target audience with your brand. Once your potential customers have been exposed to your brand via print marketing, they’ll be much more likely to actually click on a digital ad when they see it online, because they already know who you are and what you have to offer.

Creativity makes your brand stand out.  

We all know that customers are much more likely to respond to unique and creative advertising tactics, but actually coming up with these strategies can feel daunting. By diversifying your ad campaign with both print and digital marketing, there’s much more room for creativity and unique ideas that your customers will actually remember. With print marketing, you have the freedom to experiment with ideas that might not translate online. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and try something different that will appeal to your target audience, regardless of the medium you’re using.

Make sure your digital ads are targeted.  

It’s absolutely key that your digital ads are targeted towards the appropriate audience for your products and services. A big part of the reason your digital ads might not be working is that they’re just not reaching the right people. You’ll need to figure out exactly who your ideal customer is and what websites they frequent and make sure those ads are targeted there. In particular, you’ll want to ensure that your digital marketing is targeting the viewers of your print marketing because this will increase your chances of making a conversion.

Make sure your marketing is cohesive.  

In order for a multi-channel strategy to work, your ads need to be cohesive across the board, otherwise, you won’t gain the brand awareness you want. Your digital ads need to reflect the concepts and aesthetics presented in your print marketing and vice versa. When you do event marketing and sponsorship, you should continue to stick to these similar themes as well.

If your digital ads haven’t been working for you, it’s time to switch it up. Incorporating print marketing into your advertising strategy can work wonders for driving overall traffic to your business and increasing conversion.

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