Designing a wedding card

Jun 5, 2018

There are many different approaches you can take when designing a wedding card. The most important decision in the designing process, however, is that the card represents your relationship with your partner and the life you will be living together. Wedding cards should show the happiness and love that you share with your partner in a way that your guests can keep as a keepsake forever.

The Font

The font you choose to use on your wedding card is going to be a make-or-break point for your wedding cards. When choosing a font, it’s best to not get caught up in cartoonish or overly fancy fonts that are impossible to read – instead, choose something classic that is easy to read that is elegant and matches the style of wedding you will be having. Try to stay away from fonts that are too casual, though. The best fonts to use are those similar to Respective, Carolyna, Only You Pro, Adios Script Pro, and Liebe Erika.

The Colours

The colours of your wedding cards should reflect your ceremony colour palette. If you have not chosen a colour palette for your ceremony yet, consider choosing a colour palette that is clean, simple, and elegant. Pastel blues, pinks, and beiges are very common for wedding colours and match well with black, which is the most common colour used for fonts. If you prefer going with a colourized font, consider making the background of your card a light shade of your favourite colour instead of using a harsh colour as this may make the font hard to read and overbear the entire card itself.


Adding personal photos can be a heart-warming touch that adds personalization to any wedding card. The photo can also tell a story in itself. Use a photo of you and your soon-to-be spouse, and feel free to get creative and fun with it. Dressing in similarly coloured clothing, including your pet(s) and/or children, or taking the photos in front of your home or favourite place can make your card a nice keepsake for the people you are sending it to, as well as for yourself for years to come, instead of just making it a piece of paper that will be thrown away after the event. Consider using a professional photographer for these photos; it will cost you more to have the photos professionally taken, but it is more of an investment for memories rather than a wasted expense.


When choosing a finish, there are many different options to consider. Using a glossy finish can be a great choice, however, it is better to choose specific pieces of the card to be glossy rather than the entire card. For example, if you have chosen to add an image or images, you may want to make them glossy. You could also gloss the font for added texture and effect. Matte finishes are also very popular today and work best for fonts rather than photos.


Make sure that you print your wedding cards in high resolution. The last thing you would want after putting effort into making your wedding cards is to have them be grainy or blurry. It is very important to check the resolution of your cards before printing them. Consider splurging on high-quality paper as well, as the feel of sturdy, full-bodied paper is much more durable and will leave an impression on those who hold them.


Determining a size for your wedding cards can be the hardest decision to make in the design process. When choosing a size and shape for your wedding cards, keep in consideration how much information you need to include (date, time, location, and other relevant details of the event), as well as how many, if any, pictures you will be including on the cards. The most popular shapes for wedding cards are rectangles and squares, but feel free to get creative with the shape of your cards. Keep in mind, your wedding cards should be small enough to fit in an envelope and be light enough to be sent in the mail. Wedding cards aren’t typically the same size as regular paper (8 inches by 11 inches).

Have Fun

Your wedding cards are a memory of your big day. Have fun, be creative, and include pieces of YOU as a couple in them. They should represent your relationship and your personalities well. Wedding cards aren’t cookie-cutter and don’t have any rules of specifications, so don’t stress and make the designing process fun quality time with your partner.

If you would like to design your wedding cards, do give us a call today or you can make an order using our online store today!


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