Designing a successful sales brochure

Jan 30, 2018

Designing a sales brochure is an efficient way of marketing your business. This document is an important piece of printed marketing collateral that entails pages inserts in a trifold layout. Many companies use brochures as part of business promotion. The copy is primarily significant for small and big businesses. When designing a brochure for a business, it is vital to consider some basic and relevant features of a quality piece. The discussion bellows elaborate some critical elements of a useful brochure.

Focus on the product prospects

During the preparation of a business brochure, it is essential to avoid many stories. It is significant to retain focus on how the product will help the prospects. The business feature needs to tie with the benefits of the prospect and the results from the product. Never, mention unnecessary things in the brochure. On addressing the product prospect, needs to be brief and focused on delivering the message to the customers.

Avoid including the building picture on the cover page of the brochure

Customers care less about the buildings, but they are interested in the product. In such a case, including a company building on the cover page lack meaning unless the building has some relevant link to the offered product. The customer desire is to understand whether the product meets the needs. In such regard, it is important to spare space for other information.

Choose a suitable headline

Every brochure requires a specific headline to capture the attention of the customer. Clients get attracted by the words like a postcard, promo, brochure and it is possible to spare some minutes to read the content to evaluate the worthiness of the brochure. A suitable headline grabs the attention of customers and creates sufficient mystery required by the reader for more information.

Avail contact detail frequently

Furthermore, on designing an effective brochure, it is important to include contact details of the firm in most of the pages. A customer might need to see the business name, website URL and the office phone number often in the brochure. Majority of the customers would consider buying online. Additionally, online buying creates an opportunity for the customers to check the reputation of the company and product reviews. As a result, contact details count a lot in the designing of a company brochure.

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