How to design your name cards

Nov 7, 2017

The design of a name card is often overlooked by most companies because they do not want to spend too much money on something that is small and insignificant. However, consider that your name card is a direct representation of your business. it should tell your company’s story to your audience. Most name cards are 3.5 x 2 inches because they need to fit in a pocket or a wallet. The name card must contain basic information such as name, contact number, address and company logo. So how do you design a name card that can hold all these things and stand out from the competition as well?

Creative design

It is very difficult to be creative with the size constraints. However, you can come up with an industry-specific design that stands out. If you are a professional coder, you might want to design your name cards with a code inspired design or if you are an interior designer, you can design your name card as a blueprint at the back. The possibilities are endless with design. Name cards should not just be black and white pieces of paper with your name and contact information on it. A well thought out name card can give your audience the impression of professionalism and expertise in your industry.


Use colours to bring your name card to life. In a pile of name cards, a strong colour is something that will attract the most attention. If you are a company that sells financial consulting services, you might want to seem more corporate and professional therefore you may not want to use that much colour. You can add a colour to the border of your name card to maintain a professional look with a creative twist. Do not be afraid to play with colour.

Die Cuts

Die cutting is the process of cutting paper into specific shapes. It pushes the boundaries of what a typical name card should look like. By giving it an unusual look, you can let the die cut tell people what your business does without even reading the information on the card. Die cut name cards also attract a lot of attention. When people are interested in looking at your name card, they are more likely to remember your business name.

Name cards have evolved so much that businesses can now make name cards a selling point. There are endless design aspects can you can use to design your name cards. The material of your name card plays a part in its overall look as well.  Once you have designed and printed your name card ensure that you give them out as often as you can to potential customers. Always carry your name card with you at all time so that you will not be caught off guard when you need to give out your name card. To discuss the design of your name card, give us a call now or order it online at our e-commerce store now

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