How to design a compelling poster

May 8, 2018

Designing a poster in and of itself is not enough. For a poster to achieve the desired end, it has to be compelling indeed. This is to mean that it has to be able to generate the required levels of interest as well as higher conversion rates. This can only happen in case certain tenets are adhered to while designing the poster.

These tenets are the ones that form the basis of the proceeding discussions. We are going to look deeper into those issues you inevitably have to get right if you ever hope to obtain the desired outcomes in the discussions that follow.

Employ Attractive Fonts

The choice of fonts you use should be the topmost concern. If you ever hope to make your poster stand out from the crowd, you should use attractive fonts. These fonts ought not to b ordinary. They have to possess some excellent calligraphy to make them easily noticed.

In addition, they have to be bold, highly conspicuous, and clearly legible. This is to eliminate all forms of ambiguities that may arise in the process. People are also more likely to respond to a poster in case it is eye-catching than if it is dull and boring.

Be Wise in your Choice of Colour

Do not just select colours randomly. Colours rank second in the order of importance after the kinds of fonts used. This is why you have to pay keen attention to the choice and use of the colours.

Generally speaking, you should use the corporate colours of your company on your posters. This is to let the viewers draw a correlation between your company and the poster. This will, in turn, enhance the response rates. People will quickly identify with your product and develop a substantive feedback.

Highlight the Major Points

To further facilitate the comprehension of your poster and increase the chances of it eliciting positive feedback, you have to highlight the major points. For instance, if you are inviting people to an event, highlight the date, venue, time, and charges. In case you are promoting a product, highlight the product name and the key benefits.

You can do this in a number of ways and means. You may bold these portions of the poster messages or use unique fonts. This way, it will be easier for the viewers of the posters to sift the kind of information that is relevant to them within the shortest time possible.

Make the Contents Comprehensive

Apart from the major points, you should also see to it that the poster is comprehensive. It should cover all the various aspects of the information to be passed on. The logic that underlies this requirement is pretty simple.

You do not want to leave your target audience hanging. You want to avail to them every bit of information they might need. You also want them to make the most informed decisions possible. This is to avoid any discrepancies and unnecessary disputes.

Use an Appropriate Portrait

Perhaps one of the best ways of captivating the attention of the target audience is to use a portrait. This is an outstanding picture which you place strategically on the poster. When the target audience sees the portrait, they quickly draw a connection between it and the product or event that you are promoting.

The choice of the right portrait largely depends on the product or event you are promoting as well as your target audience. Choose celebrities in case you are promoting an event; cartoon characters if you target children and sportsmen if you are promoting a sporting activity e.t.c.

Incorporate Unique Identifiers

Trust is the key that unlocks most doors. In the case of a promotion, the trust will bolster the confidence that the target audience will have on your company or product. You should, therefore, see to it that you create as much trust as possible while trying to reach out to your target audience.

You can do so in a number of ways. You can use the company logo, band name, corporate colours, and trademarks. Whenever a target audience looks at these unique features, they develop some trust on the poster. This makes them more eager to respond appropriately to the promotions.

Be Concise and Straightforward

A poster is a not a novel or a bulletin. It is only meant to furnish the target audience with the bare minimum pieces of information they require to take a particular course of action. Bear this in mind as you go about designing the poster.

Do not use so many words to drive your point home. Try as much as possible to use the least amounts of words to do so. This will also make it possible for your target audience to grasp the theme and gist of your message and respond in a timely manner.

Tailor the Poster to a Specific Platform

Posters can be availed in various platforms. These include the web platform, billboards, flyers, banners, and even moving vehicles. As you go about designing your poster, be mindful of where exactly it will be posted.

Proceed thereafter to tailor the poster to the unique location where it is to be posted. This will prevent any discrepancies from arising and also improve its overall efficiency. Do this by matching the font size, picture quality, and finer details with the intended location.

For instance, if you plan to display the poster on a moving car, make the contacts such as web address and telephone number more conspicuous. This will help prospective clients make follow-ups later.

Well, having a poster discharge its mandate perfectly well is no mean feat, as you may have already noted from the preceding discussions. You have to put into consideration a host of factors. To navigate this treacherous terrain well, you definitely want the companionship of a competent and experienced poster printing company. Contact us today to get your posters printed or if you already have your designs for your posters, head on over to our e-commerce store to make a purchase now!

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