How to design a class T-shirt

May 22, 2018

The design of the t-shirt is what makes people first take note of you. Therefore for most people, they act as their identity.

The design process of a class t-shirt begins from idea inception to mass producing them. The following design tips will help in knowing everything as pertains production, however much or little experience.

Figure out the need to have that class t-shirt

It would always involve a level of branding regardless the reason for wanting that class t-shirt. If for example, your primary purpose of making a t-shirt is promoting, then branding is the principal focus. Brand themes that are consistent are always weaved into products even though it’s fashion. The design of the t-shirt should communicate clearly for whatever purpose it is intended. Write down personality traits, themes, and styles you want your shirt to convey.

Determine your budget quantitatively

The design will be impacted by the number of t-shirts required and how much money will be spent on the same. Quantity and budget can for instance help in deciding how many colours can be used. This is because additional colours can result in more spending depending on the method of printing. Therefore, conserving colours is a better way of saving in case of a tight budget.

Define options for printing

There are some factors to consider in determining the best method of printing. Materials, cost, production time and appearance are very crucial. When you have the knowledge of the methods, then it will be easier to decide on the best printing method for you.

(a) Direct-to-garment

The DTG printing (newer option) involves inkjet printing directly on the fabric. This process is preferred for white t-shirts.

(b) Screen printing

This is also referred to as gold standard whereby original screens are made by the printer on the design. Each colour is considered separately so that they can be printed in bulk later.

(c) Vinyl graphics

This method uses durable vinyl in place of ink. Preferred for smaller quantities.

Brainstorming the concept of design.

More effort and time should be dedicated to this step. Don’t just rush into it. To help you focus on creativity when brainstorming, printing speciality, typography, colour, types of t-shirts, imagery and design should be considered.

Finding a designer

If you want a professional looking t-shirt, it is worth hiring a professional designer to come up with a design for you. Graphic designs, branding and marketing are speciality skills that you can pay someone for, and this is the designer.

Design evaluation

Here, stakeholders and people you are not connected to are involved to give their views. Ask them to tell you the key message the design is conveying. The feedback can help you make a decision whether the design is good or not. If not, you can go back to the designer and figure out what you can change.

Getting files that are right

When the design is ready, get the information from the printer and check that you have the right files with you. For instance, it can be; PDF, EPS, and Adobe Illustrator (AI).

Finding a kick-ass printer

After all these, your t-shirt is ready to print. Find a printer which does the method you want at a friendly price. When the whole process is followed, it will ultimately lead to designing a class t-shirt.


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