Creative Ways to Advertise Your Event Both Offline and Online

May 15, 2018

It takes a lot of time and effort to successfully plan for an upcoming event. However, this task can be less time-consuming or tiresome if you stick to planning for the gig early. It will also be easier if you split it into sections and plan for each section accordingly. Regardless of which method you use, here are some of the creative advertising techniques you may use.


You can use the power of the Internet to let your target audience know more about an event you’re planning. You can also use the worldwide web to communicate with those who may want to attend it. Tools such as SEO, social media, blogs and free tickets can come handy in this case.


SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It basically entails using certain keywords when creating blog posts for people to find them easily on search engines. In any blog posts, you create, include the keyword “event” within the title tags. Combine this keyword with other words that your potential attendees may like. Be sure to use internal links, videos, images and bullet lists too.

Social Media

You can use social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to reach a particular audience. Start by creating a page for your upcoming event on these social networking sites. Make an effort of also promoting it for a wider audience reach.


Blogs are among the most effective advertising tools that an event planner can use. You should create a blog that focuses on your event’s purpose and goals. Be sure to include information regarding how the gig will entertain or educate the attendees. You may also ask a skilled blogger to create one for you or include details of your gig in their blogs for more exposure.


Adding the Event to Local Event Calendars

Use local event calendars to let potential attendees know about your event. These calendars can be available online platforms. Make an effort of adding the event to the list of community events that local cable stations usually air.


Besides using the power of the Internet in advertising your event, you can also use offline means. These means will give you the convenience of interacting with potential attendees. They are as follows:

Free Tickets

By giving away free tickets to selected people, you can make your event known. Ask the selected people that you give the tickets to share the details of your gig with their friends or family on social media. Ask them to also invite people who are close to them to the event.

Local Businesses and Corporate Sponsorships

Partnering with local businesses can help you reach a large target audience. You may use this partnership as a way of enabling these local businesses to gain popularity. Simply speak with the business owners to issue their customers with flyers with details of your event. You could also join in their events and set up your own event’s booth at their event. Corporate sponsors can also help you with your gig as long as the advertising efforts focus on building their image.


Wearables such as printed T-shirts and caps are ideal for advertising an upcoming event. Be sure to print the name and logo of your event on these wearables. They can also feature your event’s website address and contact information.



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