Creative Business Name Card Attracts Valued Clients

Jul 20, 2016

At Print City, we understand the importance of a creative business card design and through our name card printing services we make sure the clients get better than what they have in mind. Name cards are not just about listing your name, business information and contact details but instead it is an opportunity for you to make a long lasting first impression. While selecting the name card design, you need to know two essential things.

  • It must have all the necessary information about your business or brand.
  • You cannot get second chance to make the first impression.

The necessary information varies from company to company; if your business is mainly internet related then you definitely need to emphasize the website address. On the other, you must consider name card the first impression you make on other people and especially on your potential customers. So, in other words, an effective business card must have contact details so potential customers can contact you and you must stand out from the crowd.

Following are some advises we usually give our clients while designing and printing name cards, so they can advertise their brand and most importantly make a good impression on your future customers.

Focus on the Important Parts

With years of experience in this industry, we have seen business cards with every piece of information you can think of. Like name, address, email address, website, phone number, services, bio, social network profiles and other things. Of course it seems logical to provide the maximum information to people but in reality it doesn’t work as you might anticipate. People don’t read those cards because of too much information and such designs do not make good impression. Treat your name card as a name card instead of a flyer or brochure.

Use Timeless Information

Some people use marketing slogan or something else on the business card because it would be good for branding and marketing but using temporary information on the business card is not a reasonable approach in the long run. Make sure you stick with the design and information on the name card.

Professional Printing vs. Homemade Business Cards

With some good (and of course expensive) printers you can print business cards at home but homemade name cards don’t come even near the professional printed business cards because of many reasons. First of all, it would not be economical to print high quality business cards at home. Secondly, you won’t be able to design it to make a good first impression on the customers unless you are a professional designer.

Audience Matters a Lot

If you have two businesses, make sure you use two different business cards for both unless they are deeply connected. For example, if you are a photographer as well as a wedding planner then it seems okay to use a single name card for both. However, if you are a wedding planner and web designer, it is better to use two different business cards.

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