How to create eye-catching posters

May 9, 2018

Successful advertisement includes posters. The goal of using posters is to capture the attention of the audience. Posters that are designed properly have the potential to make someone stop by a store or visit a website so when you are designing a poster you need to do it right. When you are making eye-catching posters, you need to have printing software like Photoshop or Affinity Photo.

Just because you have a brand does not mean that everyone will love it or know about it. You need to make people love your brand and keep buying your products or services. Most people are driven by emotions and advertising campaigns should trigger people’s emotions to adopt a certain brand. Here is how you can create eye-catching posters:

Use loud and bold colours

The colour schemes you use for your poster represent the brand you are talking about and you need to choose loud and bold colours to highlight the key message you are sending to potential consumers. Colour is powerful enough to influence people’s buying mood. Different colour shades and schemes spark different feelings from viewers. Brighter colours attract attention and represent a happy spirit which most people love to be associated with. For example, for a food poster, red and yellow colours are preferable because research shows that they have the potential to spark people’s appetite. On the other hand, colour blue represents security and is preferred for corporate institution posters to attract a sense of trust from the audience.

Use of typography

People should be able to read your posters if they are going to understand what you are trying to sell them. Your typography should be reader-friendly. How the letters appear on your poster may transcend the colour because the letters need to be visible and presented in an attractive manner. The right topography will evoke emotions in the reader that would appear as though you are talking to them. The right font will make your poster legible and reduce any fatigue or strain from viewers. People are likely to share posters that have great topography which will maximize your target audience. The viewers will also get a good first impression of your brand and this will build trust in them and keep them interested to learn more about the brand.

Visual play to catch audience’s attention

Images are very important when it comes to creating a poster and they represent the major portion of creating an eye-catching poster. Research shows that it is more effective to use images that are appealing to the emotions of your audience to capture their attention. Most people are attracted to faces and you are likely to get a positive response with a poster that includes a face. Facial expressions deliver a message of their own. For example, when a poster is for a campaign against gun violence, there may be a child with a crying face while one for a concert may include a smiling face. This makes the content of your poster appealing and relatable.

Posters that are created in the best designs with complete attention to detail will serve a brand well in terms of advertising and marketing. The above considerations are essential for creating successful posters and you should apply them when you create your posters.

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