Corporate Printing in Singapore: Important Facts

Nov 26, 2016

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Corporate printing in Singapore provides solutions that represent a company’s brand image to the target audience. This form of printing inspires creativity through functionality and aesthetics of products with contemporary designs that are likable.


Printing Requirements

The printing industry in Singapore is big and diversified providing specialized printing services for brochures, booklets, flyers, calendars, name cards and customized printing services. Some of the printed materials that businesses order periodically to promote their products and services include posters, leaflets, catalogs, paper bags, corporate folders, newsletters, annual reports, business cards, label stickers, letterheads, banners, magazines, company signage, greeting cards, pocket folders, envelopes, apparel, invoices, corporate gifts, large format printing among many others.


Management of the Process

The corporate printing process is keenly observed and managed to ensure that clients enjoy unparalleled quality services and products that combine professionalism, aesthetic design and a wide choice of colours. Most printing operators are well trained, creative, and well versed in offering customers with customized printing solutions as well professional printing advice. The need for timely and high-quality printing services has led to the utilization of state of the art technology printing machines to ensure speed in the completion of tasks. Printing operators and customer support staff go through a systematic procedural flow that is managed by an online print management solution to ensure quality and timely completion of tasks. Designers and print specialists also help customers with advice and printing design concepts.


Planning your Corporate Identity Kit

Planning the exactness of colour, resolution, and format in your corporate identity kit is a crucial step for a company. This activity involves adequate planning because you want to stay with the identity for an extended period. Colours are based on not only your preference but also the message that you want to convey to stakeholders and customers. Values that are important to a company such as dynamism, integrity, customer focus, and sincerity should be factored. Before designing and printing their corporate identity companies, consult reputable print experts on the colours that work best for their business aspirations and values. CMYK mode is the preferred mode of printing in Singapore where objects are separated into four colours, and a different printing can be done for each colour. CMYK refers to the four inks used in printing presses whereby C is Cyan, M is Magenta, Y is Yellow, and K is black. RGB is the colour mode used for display devices such as monitors and televisions, and it is not printable. The format of a name card is generally printed in Photoshop EPS, Illustrator, or PDF. A high-resolution file with a resolution of 300DPI in actual size is the most appropriate for printing.


Importance of Colour

Colours speak in different ways in a non-verbal way. They set a mood, convey an emotion and invoke or inspire a reaction. For example, Green symbolizes harmony, growth, fertility, and freshness. It has a strong emotional correspondence with nature and safety. Brick red presents a mood of strong, sturdy, earthy, warmth and established country. A colour should be harnessed to tell your story because it has a powerful effect.


Contract one of the reputable corporate printing companies in Singapore to get quality printed materials that you can count on to influence your business positively by increasing sales and engagement with the target audience.


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