Corporate Gifts Can Be Electronically Useful too

Aug 10, 2016

Electronic Corporate Gifts from Print CityThe idea of corporate gifts is not new, yet businesses now realize the importance of high valued promotional gifts for their valued customers for good use.

Promotional gifts usually refer to the freebies businesses give to their potential customers in trade events and exhibitions for brand development and marketing. The optimal choice is to select cheaper yet durable and useful promotional gifts so they can advertise your business to hundreds and thousands of people in their lifetime. On the other hand, businesses also give gifts to their valued customers for their loyalty and some businesses even give gifts to their employees as a token of gratitude for their services.

Unlike promotional gifts, high valued corporate gifts tend to be relatively more pricy and more useful. Electronic gadgets have become a popular choice as such gifts because of their cost efficiency and longer life span. Interestingly, based on the purpose of giving these gifts, businesses can control the overall cost of them by simply changing the specifications. For example, if you want to give USB drive (which is a great gift because of its usefulness and durability) you can control the cost by changing its storage space.

Let’s see some popular and most effective electronics gadgets you can give as a corporate gift.

USB Drives

USB drives are mainly popular because of so many designs, room for creativity and most important cost efficiency. An average USB drive can last for years that means a small investment would give you years of free advertisement.

Portable Hard Drive

Portable hard drive is the next version of USB drive; they tend to be relatively expensive as compared to USB drives because of their storage capacity but they also last longer. Also, people keep high valued things safe even if they get it for free and if they don’t need it at all, they can give it to someone else.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are popular among a certain age group and even though these speakers are compatible with phones, tablets, computers and every other Bluetooth enabled device, they are surprisingly cheap.

Cable Holders

The usefulness of the gift is the most important factor that encourages people to use that item. Regardless of how expensive a gift is people see them as a freebie. Cable holders are cheap and easily available in the market yet you can use them as an effective marketing tool by customizing them with your business name and logo.

USB Mug Warmer

You need to stand out from the crowd to make a long lasting impression on your clients. That’s why you need to think outside of the box; USB mug warmer is a great gift for someone who sits many hours per day on a desk and drinks lots of coffee or tea. This small gadget keeps the mug warm all day long and it lasts many years.

These are just few examples of common electronic gifts that businesses give to their clients. Print City can meet your personalized requirements of electronic gadgets and help you in marketing and brand development.

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