Considerations when Designing your Corporate Gifts

May 16, 2018

Technology is racing fast and it’s shifting how we do business. But there is one thing new technology will never replace, the value of good relationships. People remain the bedrock of any great business. Gifting your employees, clients or trusted vendors, to say thank you or to mark an important milestone, is an excellent way of showing that you value them. In doing so, you bolster your relationship, a critical component to your success.

“How do I design the perfect corporate gift for my people?” Well, you first need to know the essentials of corporate gift design. The following are the six tips for designing an excellent corporate gift:

Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes

To design a valuable gift, you need to put your self in the recipient’s shoes. Think from their perspective. Whether the gift is for your clients, business partners, or employees, you need to ask yourself, “If I was one of them, would I appreciate the gift?” Professional’s who are experienced in designing gifts for various segments will come in handy at this stage. The will help you visualize your recipients’ preferences.

Research on your competitors’ gifts

Research on what competitor brands offer their customers. This might give you inspiring and insightful ideas. You should, however, ensure that your corporate gifts stand out and serve as reminders of your brand. Avoid cheap and poorly thought out gift items; they will ruin the impression you’re trying to create. Ask yourself, “What are you competitors doing better than you?” “What are they not doing right?” Do it better in both accounts?

Embrace Quality

Design gifts that are known to be valuable over time or new ones that will add value to people’s lives. People don’t toss out well-made and useful items. Downplay overt corporate logos, instead, go for discrete embroidery and simple tags. Let the branded gift standout for itself.

Design gifts that recipients use daily

If the aim of gifting your people is to keep your brand on top of their heads, choose items that they use frequently. For instance, you can design bags, pens, mugs, mobile telephone holders, useful desk gadgets.

Gifts should be personal

Show your people that you know them by designing gifts that complement them and their way of life. Acknowledge their milestones, hobbies, interests, or family situations. If possible include a handwritten note that expresses sentiments that reflect their situation.

Don’t overlook packaging

We are now accustomed to getting packages at our doorsteps without fanfare. That means you don’t have to work too hard to create a great first impression. A surprise gift packaged in a solid box, or wrapped nicely, with a ribbon and a personal note is impressive. When you put a little more thought and time in presenting your gift, you send a bigger and memorable message of caring.

Corporate gifts are an excellent tool for building and maintaining relationships. With the right professionals on board, you can turn corporate gifts tool that will always keep you on top of your clients, partners and employees heads.


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