How to choose a good signage printing company

Apr 3, 2018

The things you should look for when looking for a printing company are extremely vital. Especially if you are a business person, choosing the wrong company to print your signages for you can be very disadvantageous as you end up losing a lot of money and time in the long run. The following are the tips to consider when selecting your printing company.


Does the company produce what you desire? Many printing companies pride themselves in producing good services, whereas it’s the opposite. Visit them and check out for samples and talk to their clients for feedback if possible. The vendor you select should be able to comprehend clearly your need and breadth of your project and the quality you seek as well.


How fast are they? Printing signages is a commercial activity and therefore it is a deadline-oriented business. We are living in the turnaround times. Discuss with your vendor and find out if they can be able to deliver your job in the time frame that is required. Insist that your job depends on it and state clearly what you look forward to and when the project to be complete.


How is the company’s reputation? This can best be sourced from client feedbacks either through individual consultations, their Facebook pages or blogs on their websites. Inquire from peers and friends in case there is one who has ever used the company services before for recommendations. Ask for how long have they been in business. In printing business, a company that is poor in their services has a very short lifespan.

Options and Solutions

Do they offer these? In the printing business, there is more than one way to skin a cat. A good sign of a wonderful printing company is the options that they provide and the solutions. Especially if these lead to saving some money. This means that they value their customer services and care about your wellbeing.


Are they accommodating? Inquire about their infrastructure and how equipped they are, consider whether they have tools for sending files and how they handle their proofing. Check out whether they have the web to print solutions. Are they capable of handling mass delivery? How are their payments terms linked to the necessary approvals? How easily can they adapt to the business requirements? All these questions are vital and will eventually lead down to having a true partnership.


When it comes to a printing company, having good communication is the key. They should be able to listen to your needs to the latter and not do their own way. After all, the signage is for your business and it is you that best knows what you need for your company. Great communication plays a crucial part in ensuring success and quality of a product. A good company should not be in a hurry and must be patient to understand exactly what you need. It is not driven by money but by the quality that they offer their clients.

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