Can Print Brochures Still Help Marketing

Oct 29, 2016

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Brochures have been around us for decades and many business owners and managers wonder whether this decades old technique would help in business marketing or not. In order to understand the efficacy of brochures, let’s see what they do and what they are supposed to do. In a nutshell, the primary purpose of a brochure (like everything other marketing material) is to spread the word and convey a clear message to the audience. Without any doubt, well-designed print brochures are still effective; then what’s the problem?

Don’t Be Done In By Poor Print Brochure Design

The problem is, people don’t have enough time to read an ad, they are smart and they don’t want to invest their time blindly, on something they might now like. Unfortunately, a poorly designed brochure is a double edge sword; not only it would fail to achieve its goal, but it would ruin the image of the business. Of course there is no thing as “bad advertisement” because every advertisement is good and it achieves its goal but when it comes to brand development, you can’t out your reputation at stake.

So, the answer is yes. Brochures can still help businesses in marketing and brand development only if you put enough time and resources to design a good brochure for marketing campaign.

How to Design a Good Brochure for Marketing Campaign?

Regardless of what your marketing objectives are and what kind of products or services your company offer, a well designed brochure must have a well written heading. Basically every small detail in the brochure is important but headlines usually get seen first and they make the first impression so they are more important than other aspects of a brochure.

The headline must convey the primary message of your marketing campaign. Sometimes businesses print brochures for a new product, new service, new offer or something else, the headline must be clear about its purpose so it can grab the attention of target audience. Avoid generic messages and unappealing wordings; the more you know about your target audience, the better way you would find to deliver the message.

Is Brochure Marketing Still Relevant?

The thing about brochure marketing that makes it difficult is everyone is doing the same. Businesses know brochure marketing is cheaper than other options and even if they have lower conversion rate (due to lack of good design or not exactly knowing their audience) it is still a cost efficient solution to increase conversion rate and get more clients. So, in order to stand out from the crowd and make a real difference, you need to be attentive to details. Ensure you have added all the basic information about your business like business name, address, website, email address etc.

Don’t Forget That Call To Action

Most of the marketers emphasize on the part of adding a call-to-action in the end. You need to give people something to act upon, they might like you offer, new product or new service but they want to know what to do next and that is your job to provide them that information. It is your job to make the information easily digestible and easy to follow.

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