Why brochures are great marketing tools

Nov 21, 2017

With the advancements in technology and the introduction of digital marketing methods, more marketers and business owners are choosing to conduct their marketing online rather than to use physical methods. However, brochures have still not lost their value and are still an integral part of any marketing plan. This is mainly because of the many benefits brochures have.

Brochures are amongst the most versatile of marketing collateral. A brochure can be handed out in sales meetings, at events or used as direct marketing. You could even upload a soft copy of the brochure on your website or social media so that it can be shared around. This also makes printing brochures cheaper since bulk printing is generally cheaper. Brochures can be used for a long time since information on the brochure is usually important company information that is not often changed.

Brochures also make for great presentation material. Handing out brochures during sales meetings are great because it helps to hold the attention of the audience and it gives them a reference point to follow along with your presentation. Your audience is also more likely to remember you when your brochure has your contact information on it. Moreover, brochures are handy which means you can pass out your brochures to anyone you meet during the day who might be a potential customer.



A tri-fold brochure is used when there is a need to place different sections of information in one brochure. In a tri-fold brochure, there are 6 panels for you to place information. Excluding the cover panel and the contact information panel, that leaves 4 panels for you to split information as needed. This is especially useful for informational product brochures which can be handed out at stores, events and at sales meetings.


A bi-fold brochure is used when there is a need for the real estate. Each panel is significantly bigger than a tri-fold brochure. This leaves room for more information to be on each panel, allowing for more detailed information about a product or service. Bi-fold brochures are also sometimes used as invitations to events




Folders can be used to hold separate pieces of brochures. These can then be presented to a client or to hand out at events. These are generally costlier because of the material usage and would depend on whether there are inserts in the folders.



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