Bring The Best Out Of Your Campaign with Cool Postcards

Aug 10, 2016

Ever-present postcards perfect for your brand promos, here at Print City

Postcard printing has been an effective marketing strategy for years. Postcards, opposite of emails, can take your marketing campaign to a whole new level.

Postcard marketing is mainly popular because of its high efficacy. This is considered a successful marketing strategy to bring customers increase the overall profitability of the business. Unlike many other marketing strategies, especially its newer form “email marketing” postcard marketing is for highly targeted audience. We at PrintCity, offer postcard printing services to help businesses grow their audience and reach to their target buyers in personalized manners instead of automatically generated messages.

Following are some secrets about postcard marketing that we want every business in Singapore to know about.

Make Sure it’s not an Ad

That’s the whole point of using postcard marketing strategy in the first place; the idea behind this approach to avoid ‘salesy’ tone and reach to the target audience with some personal touch. Make sure the contents of your postcard do not sound corporate but instead the message should be friendly. Well, if you want to add many details about your business or products you are promoting but they usually don’t help.

Make it Friendly

Everything about the postcard has to be friendly; people don’t take interest in boring contents and surely they don’t want to put much attention if the language is too corporate and over the top. Now, the dilemma is the postcard should look professional as well as friendly. That’s where professional postcard printing services come in action.

Don’t Push

As mentioned above, the contents shouldn’t be very pushy and that’s why whatever message you are trying to convey, don’t push the reader to do something. You job is to notify redress about your brand, services and products but you cannot possibly direct them. We recommend using a subtle and informative language. Like every other marketing technique, your readers are not even slightly interested in what you are offering but instead they are interested in how that thing would help them with a problem they are facing.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to postcard marketing; simpler is better. Make sure you use short sentences instead of long paragraphs. There would be not enough space anyway but the idea behind using simpler contents is to grab the attention of readers at their first glance. So, keep the contents short and sweet – and only convey the most important part of your message.

Be Smart, Be Innovative

We all know postcard marketing is old but it doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative with this tactic. For example, adding your business details like phone number, email address and most importantly the website are essential. How do you expect people to manually type a long website address on their computer or mobile device? It has to be short so they don’t hesitate. There are two ways to make website address shorter; either you can use online services that can create shorter URL or you can simply use a QR code. The added benefit of QR codes is they look cool.

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