A Pop-Up Banner Ensures Your Identity Is Imprinted

Aug 10, 2016

Large format printing services available at PrintCityPop up banner has gained popularity in Singapore in recent years. Some of the main traits of pop up banners are their versatility, portability and efficacy.

Pop up banners can make a huge impact on your marketing efforts if used the right way. These banners can provide people brief information about your brand, products or services. One of the main reasons behind the huge popularity of pop up banners is their affordability. You can use a banner in an exhibition or event, and later you can use the same banner in your shop or office.

Why pop up banner is a good marketing channel?

Unlike many other marketing channels like billboards, pop up banners are easy to set up and you don’t even need a professional to do that. Interestingly, as the name suggests, pop up banners are ready to be assembled whenever you need. All you need is pop up stand to assemble the banner.

Brochure and flyers are effective but they have shorter life than pop up banners. Especially if you use a reputable company like PrintCity and use high quality material, the pop up banner would last significantly long. The vinyl printing can last long and usually aluminum stands are used which are very light weight and easy to transport. After their work is done, you can easily keep pop up banners safe in your shop or office for as long as you want.

The printed part could be folded and the stand could be dissembled to be stored. Because of their light weight, pop up banners are easy to transport to different exhibitions and events. Similarly, they need very little space to do their magic. That means you can use pop up banners in trade exhibitions and events where space is expensive and you want to get maximum bang for your buck. These banners are high enough to grad potential customers’ attention from a distance.

The design of your pop up banner matters a lot; when you are using such banners in a trade exhibition or some other event, you definitely want people to take a closer look and the only way to do that is by stand out from the crowd. The quality of contents and design can increase your brand awareness as well as brand image. As your pop up banner would be making the first impression on potential customers, you probably want to use it at fullest.

Of course you can select cheap material and services for pop up banner designing and printing but the life span of pop up banners dramatically increases.

What attributes make a pop up banner effective?

Do not treat pop up banner as a flyer or brochure; simpler is better. Putting too much information on the pop up banner would decrease the readability and it would fail in grabbing people’s attention. It is highly recommended to use high contrast colors according to the background so banners can stand out. However, it is reasonably important to use your brand logo and original colors to make it memorable.

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