6 ways to design the most effective flyer

Feb 27, 2018

Giving flyers is one of the oldest means of marketing. However, flyers have earned a bad reputation for having high discard rates. As more companies move into digital marketing, flyers are regarded as bad marketing materials. Flyers work because they are able to introduce your brand to new potentials, thus making it an important part of marketing. However, most companies that do flyers often do not know how to design an effective flyer. Let’s look at some ways to design flyers.

Figure out the form in which it will be printed

It is important to establish whether the flyer will be in hard, soft copy or digital format. The choice of format has an effect on budget and time a printing company will spend in the preparation of the flyer. Electronic flyers are easy to send, but one has to exercise caution not to be treated as spam.

Add colour to your Flyers

Colour increases the aesthetic appeal of your flyers drawing the attention of anyone who sees them. The success of flyers lies first in landing on the hands of the people targeted. Colour raises the curiosity of readers thus attracting them to your message.

Avoid overcrowding

Avoid putting so much information on a flyer as it makes it look clumsy. If you have to include a lot of information, use banner, dividers, and ribbons to divide the text into sections which make it more appealing to the readers. Balance the size of the flyer with the length of the message to avoid clutter.

Enrich the design using background textures

Ensure the background of your poster is not empty by placing on its texture and images. The textured background adds to the richness of forefront pictures and message. As a precaution, the background colours should be darker to avoid drawing so much attention to the background.

Illuminate your Flyers

Create an impression of light on your flyers to increase visibility and attraction. Viewers will always be drawn to the light and in the process read your message. Use light colours on flyers for the keyword and vintage colours for borders and margins.

Tailor-make the Key Message

Specially formulate the key message to meet the expectations of the targeted audience. The flyer should be able to elicit the required response from those it aims to reach with information. Ensure clarity of the central message to be communicated to leave a lasting impression in their mind.

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