6 steps to a successful product launch

Jan 24, 2018

 How to Introduce a New Product or Service to the Market

You probably want to launch a new service or product to the market. You may have done your research already and decided exactly what it is you want to introduce to the public. It may sound like an already accomplished project but that is not the case. The way you manifest your products out there in the market really matters. You may have great ideas, which may not see the light of day due to wrong market approach. The following tips may come in handy for companies that wish to introduce new products or services.

Target the Ideal Customer/ Audience

The first thing you need to do is to identify your potential clients to who you will be directing your new product or service. These are probably prospects who are already buying a similar product to what you are offering, and who could really use some additional features on that product. The best prospective clients are those that are already buying or using similar services from other companies.

Identifying the Target Market

At this point, you have to personalize your target market. This will be easier once you have identified your target audience as stated above. It will help you to tailor your launch strategies to the people who are interested in what you are offering. In addition, you will easily pick out an ideal marketing strategy such as printing posters and placing them in areas that your targeted audience will see.

Know Your Competition

The only way in which you can counter your competition is by designing your product or service to be better than the one offered by your competitors. Find out that which sets you apart from your competitors and maximize on it. Knowing your competition is a vital process that will help you as you introduce your new product or service.

Start Early

You need to begin early before the actual launch. Plant the idea in people’s minds early. let reporters write about your new venture early enough so that people are aware of the big thing that is coming up. Feed the social media with leaks. Ensure that the product is available to the analysts and important influencers. Remember that success does not come about overnight.

Choosing a Marketing Channel

When introducing a new product, it is important that you advertise it through the right channels. This will be easier once you have analysed your target audience including their demographics. The moment you study their demographics, you will now use the right marketing channel. If the people that are likely to buy your products visit the CBD often, you could make posters and stick them in conspicuous areas.

Print Media

If you are introducing a brand-new product or service that the market has never seen before, that means that there aren’t many people who are likely to be searching for it online. In this case, print media can really help you to plant the idea of the product or service in the minds of people. Placing posters where your target audience might see or having a pop-up booth at places where your target audience dwell is always a good idea. Once they have seen your product or service around, they are likely to search for it online. This is mainly why print advertising is not dead.

You can use digital marketing to reach audiences that are already searching for your kind of product or service. Otherwise, take advantage of the print media and post in strategic areas. The above are basic strategies for companies wishing to introduce new products. Manipulate them wisely land you will see your new venture thriving.

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