6 Interesting Ways to Customize Your Die Cut

Mar 27, 2017

Die Cutting can be an incredibly fun way for your company to reach out to its potential clients and customers. Beyond ordinary business cards, printing companies can consider recreating their brochures and postcards on a brand new level to inject some fun and creativity which boosts their indirect interaction with them. Check out some of these cool ideas and incorporate them into your next print material!

  1. Using textures as an interactive platform

People not only rely on their sight but also their touch senses to interpret and feel an object. When a die cut activates both sight and touch senses simultaneously, it allows the recipient to have a more enduring impression than if only one of the senses were activated.

A smart way of introducing die cuts would be to remove the sharp edges of business cards to avoid dog-eared corners and to also encourage a more comfortable touch in one’s hands to create a more pleasant experience with the brand.

  1. Creating a distinct object relevant to your business

Think about your business. Does it have a strong symbolic association with an image that clients can easily recall? Is it a F&B business pertaining a distinct dessert? A kind of service offering telecommunication services? Preferably an image of an ice cream and mobile phone respectively can do the job.

Basically, it can be anything as long as it possesses strong brand meaning which facilitates brand recall and recognition. Be as creative as you can be!

  1. Emphasise your brand message

Central to the concept of marketing, a key message needs to be tied closely to your brand and be delivered clearly to the public. A common method would be to cut around the message or position the message behind a die cut window as it will successfully draw attention to it. For example, a die cut window could be shaped into a star or a cloud bubble at the bottom of a page. It can provide more insight about the company and entice potential customers to flip open the brochure for more information.

  1. Trace the borders

Save the trees and eliminate unnecessary white space! This is a good trick to not only feel good about saving (a marginal amount of) paper but to also highlight an image that best represents your business by trimming the edges according to its shape. Alternatively, simpler designs like a partial trim can have equally charming effects.

  1. Go Typography

Die Cutting don’t necessarily need to be image-centred because text-centred designs can be a fun twist too! Depending on its appropriacy to your business, printed brand names or links on business brochures can readily come alive, given a three dimensional aspect that grabs more attention from the recipient. A die cut window can also be utilised if you wish to add colours or a background to enhance the visual effect on the texts.


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