5 Tips for Designing Great Printed Brochures

Aug 9, 2016


In Singapore, brochures have become a popular marketing platform for many businesses. However, brochures must provide the right information to your target audience. The tips below will help you in designing your brochures.



Before you hire a graphic designer, think about what you want from your brochures. Brainstorm with a friend or colleagues and write down your concept and ideas about your intended brochure.


Conduct a Market Research

Like other forms of marketing, your brochures will need the input of your Singaporean customers. Find out what it is that your customers want to know about your services/products. At the end of the day, you want a brochure that your customers will want to read.


Be Simple and Clear In Your Brochure Information

Let your audience understand your message easily by using simple words and a straightforward graphic design. Avoid jargon, blend images, colour and text to give more clarity. Your target audience should not struggle to read or understand your brochure.


Guide your Reader through the Pages

You should be careful on how you guide your reader through the brochure to avoid confusing him. Some customers in Singapore may know your brand while others may have just stumbled on it. Have the need of every audience in mind while designing your brochure, so that they can easily understand your message.

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Proofread your brochure

It is one of the most valuable tips in creating your brochures. Before you print your brochures ensure you proofread thoroughly. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes; you can invest in a professional proofreader or request your friends help you.


When you design your brochure in a way that everybody wants to read it, you will get the best out of it. Be sure to explain the nitty gritty details with the printing company to avoid delays and other avoidable inconveniences. The ideal Singapore printing service provider should not only be conversant with how to print brochures but also other types of marketing materials and also be ISO Certified.

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