5 Essentials for Corporate Gift-Giving

Apr 27, 2017

Giving corporate gifts can be a very simple and meaningful way to express your gratitude and enhance your relationship with your clients. Whether it is for a special occasion like the new year or a tangible act of thanksgiving throughout the year, businesses should look into finding the right gift tailored for the right client.

These are some things to bear in mind before you endeavour in selecting a gift:

  1. Company Policies

Remember to check your company’s policies regarding your own budget to spend on gifts and your recipient’s limitation of accepting expensive gifts, to avoid them returning expensive gifts back to you.

  1. Quality Gifts

It is vital for you to present quality gifts that will not tarnish your brand’s reputation without compromising on your budget. As obvious as it sounds, a reasonably decent gift that is reasonably wallet-friendly is the way to go.

  1. Customize

Understand your customer’s psychographics, such as lifestyle and product preference before making a decision. Go for what interests them the most, like a notebook, a mug or something much, much crazier.

  1. Handwrite your cards

We all know where our sincerity lies — in the painstaking strokes of writing our heartfelt regards to a specific individual as opposed to the rigid card templates that were replicated across 1,000 other parcels. Do for others what truly delivers your intent.

  1. Regard cultural taboos and differences

Undeniably, we all live in different cultures steeped in various beliefs and it is necessary to understand each culture’s do-s and don’t-s with respect to corporate gift-giving. For instance, in China, wrapping a package in white signifies death. Certain flowers like white flowers and chrysanthemums also possess negative connotations in most Asian countries. Additionally, avoid giving alcoholic drinks because it may create a poor image associated with drunkenness and some people may refrain from consuming alcoholic products. Instead, choose a “safer” product that is generally appealing and suited to the cultural context of the client.

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