4 Ways to Go beyond Customer Loyalty Programs and Build Lasting Relationship

Aug 3, 2016

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The constant evolving customer has placed a duty on your business to look for ways to build and create lasting relationships. Because the customer is the king, your business success depends on how you treat that customer. Customer loyalty is cultivated by offering quality products/services and honest relationships that go beyond a single transaction. Customer service interactions allow you to create true customer relationships.


Below are tips that go beyond customer rewards program to help you build value in customer relationships.



Customers value honesty and truthfulness in a business environment. Whether you are selling goods or services, the best loyalty program for not only your regular customers but also the one-time buyer (and he will come back) is honesty. A customer puts your face on the product that he buys from you. Provide your customer with all the information (pricing, product, return policy, etc.) you have, whether good or bad. Let him make an informed consent before purchasing your product.


Never Overestimate your Importance in the Customer’s Life

You do not exist in vacuum, and the same can be said of your busines. The same way your customer listens to you, you must also listen and consider the customer. You need your customer more than he needs you. It’s a privilege for you when a customer walks in your business with an intention of buying your product/service; hence you need to value that customer.


Recognize the Right Relationships and Adapt

Not all people will be your friends or even believe you, whether you do extensive business branding or offer excellent after sale service. People are different and so are customers. Do your best in every customer interaction you have and also hone your interpersonal skills to understand their needs and how to engage them when discussing business matters.


Put a Face to Your Customers

Customer relationships are not the sole responsibility of marketing or sales employees. It should be an organizational way of life deeply entrenched in all the business departments. Aggrieved or frustrated customers should find solace in your listening and prompt feedback. They should build the confidence that even if something bad happens again, they know somebody will listen and assist them accordingly. Remember your customer can be anybody, your neighbor, your employees’ family, etc.

Clearly, relying on just customer loyalty programs does not always result in long-term business success. Use the above tips to take your business and engagements with clients to the next level.

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