4 tips to produce the best booklets

Mar 20, 2018

Booklets serve as the best tool to use when marketing your business. They provide an eye-catching, and outstanding information pertaining your company. They are easy to carry since they are light. It contains a great elaborate of what the business you are advertising does. Printed booklets can also be used to promote events and products besides the company services. The content is easy to read, hence easier to understand. The purpose of using a booklet in advertising is because its size is small thus ensuring the content is short and concise. Therefore, it does not bore the reader.

To come up with great booklet designs, you have to consider the following;

The colour of the booklet

The colour of the booklet speaks for your business. It should represent the business. Mostly, light and dark colours are preferred. Other colours that may be too splashed may put away the readers. The colour should be able to catch the attention of customers, so they get interested to know its content. When printing the booklet, it is advisable to keep the text black and still use white space. The booklet design will draw much attention to the readers. Black and white also gives the business a professional vibe.

Keep important information about your business in list form

It gets hard for people to concentrate for long hours. The list of the information makes it precise to know what the business is all about. The content should be kept elaborate not to bore the reader. It is, therefore, best to consider creating a small sized portion of the page. The sections can get used in listing important details in bullet form. It is a great booklet design that will enable you to market your product and services to many customers. The photographs that should appear in the booklet should be real when customers visit your business.

Inside the booklet, you should secure some little space to outline the company’s credentials. It is not only about the product, but also, customers also look for a way to contact you. In case they are interested, it gets easier to reach you.

Keep the pages to a minimum

The booklet should have just enough information on the page. Too much information blurs the readability of the reader. Many people have a little span of concentration. Thus, much information is tedious to read and understand. The grammar and punctuations used should be perfect. It is vital not to overlook the essence of proper English for an outstanding booklet design. Spelling errors should not get compromised, and thus the content should easily flow.

General Outlook

The designs you present for the booklet should get coupled with a picture. It is important to balance the picture and the number of the words you use per picture. The design will lure many people into studying the booklet. Some of the great designs to use are; Cocobook, Caledonian Creates, Type Factory and Corporate design. The choice of the font to use should remain minimum. Even though different fonts are fun to use, it is best to keep it below three. But it is permissible to play around with different styles. You are also allowed to make the headings and subheadings bold or even italic.

After determining the designs, colour, and font to use, it is crucial to find a printer that can work with the details. Contact us today to get your booklets printed today or if you have already got your design, you can head to our online store to make a booking now.


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