4 Expert Tips for Creating Successful Wall Calendars

Nov 19, 2016

using calendars can be very useful in reminding customers of your brand


Even though you may think that wall calendars belong to the past, you should not dismiss them yet. Wall calendars can generate revenue while acting as a marketing tool for your products and services. When you focus on a niche or theme, you can target the right audience. A wall calendar printable on a special paper with the aid of online printing services can be given as a gift to loyal clients. Here are tips you need to keep in mind while creating your calendars.


Plan and start early

It is advisable to begin registering orders early (November). People begin to realize the need for the next year calendar during this time. Because you want to design the best calendar, it is important to take the orders early and begin the process.


Hire a Professional Editor

It is almost always impossible for anyone to look at his/her work objectively without being biased. A photographer is no different. It is, therefore, critical to get someone else to edit your work and give you an honest opinion before sending it to a calendar printing company in Singapore. The editor can be your friend, family member or a professional.


Brand your calendars

Your calendars are your marketing piece. Someone may be impressed by an image in your calendars and decide to buy it as a print, so ensure that every image has adequate data that can be found on your site such as image number or title. Your branding can include your website, contact information, social media sites, and logo incorporated into the calendar design. Remember your branding will last for a year, so make an impact.


Create wall calendars that your users fancy

You probably think that this is obvious, but before you engage your preferred printing services provider, ensure that your product meets or surpasses your user expectation. When you listen to your customers, you will learn something that will improve your work. Some buyers may prefer a particular paper since they can cut and frame their best images after the end of the month; others may want a regular wall calendar with a grid that they can write something. Remember your customer should determine what calendars you design.


Calendars stay with us for a year, use them to your advantage and provide your customers with something that is exciting to look at every day.




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