4 Expert Tips for Better Photo Printing

Dec 7, 2016

brochure-printing-services-by-print-city-singaporeBrochures and high impact magazines will influence your business positively if well designed and distributed to the target audience. One of the best ways of enhancing their ability to generate positive results is by printing photos on the front and inner pages of the magazine and brochure.

Here are four expert tips for better photo printing that you can apply when making brochures and magazines.

Use the Correct Material

Investing in a modern inkjet printer for purposes of printing photos is a good idea, but it is important to ensure that you use the right paper. Plain papers often absorb ink thereby destroying the fine detail, color, and the overall sharpness of the image.

The best material for this kind of printing projects is a photo paper. The photo papers are available in different formats, semi-glossy and glossy. The glossy paper is tailored to give digital photos a colossal visual punch. When working with the semi-glossy paper, the fine details may be lost during the printing process.

Check the Print Settings

Before embarking on transferring the digital photos to the photo paper, ascertain print settings. Loopy settings will result in lousy prints that will not add any value to your printed materials. The photo should be published on a specified side. If you print on the undesignated side, the ink will not be absorbed properly thereby resulting in a low-quality photo print. Hence, make sure that the paper is loaded correctly before hitting the print button.

Print Size Matters

PC can print different sizes of photos in a fly. When choosing a print size, it is recommended to make sure that the pixel in your digital photo file resonates with the size to get the best results. For excellent print quality, they need to have at least 300 dpi and 200 dpi for acceptable image quality.

Finally, printers are engineered to work best with a particular ink formulation. Based on this fact, use the ink recommended by the manufacturer to avoid any inconveniences. More importantly, clean the inject printer’s finicky print nozzles often to facilitate smooth transmission of ink from the cartridges to the photo paper.

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