4 Brilliant Poster Designs

Nov 24, 2017

Posters are an excellent addition to any marketing plan as we have explored before. We have discussed why posters should not be overlooked in this digital world and what are the aspects that should be a part of a poster. If you have ever thought about creating a poster but lack inspiration, we are going to share some of our favourite posters and break them down into what makes them a great poster.


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This poster for the latest Thor movie is great because it places key characters in the line of sight without taking away too much attention from the main character. The mix of neon colours gives this poster a psychedelic feel which is very different from posters in the previous movies. Almost as if to tell audiences that this movie is not going to be the same as the previous ones.


This adaptive poster by Ford was an absolute genius idea. They created a car with headlights that turn together with the steering wheel of the car. To enforce this idea, they created a poster that moves as you move along with it to give audiences an idea of what it would be like to take corners with a car. This phrase “Headlights that steer as you do” highlights the movement audiences must make to see the poster move using an optical illusion. This poster is great because it is interactive and only has subtle branding that pushed the boundaries of poster design.

Hungry Go Where

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This poster by Hungry go where showcases exactly what they do in a very creative manner. It shows audiences that they can find restaurants selling lobsters anywhere on the map. The colour contrast is strong enough to let the lobster and the logo stick out. Storytelling posters have become a norm as more businesses want their posters to be talking points.


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By showing the audience a way to use the brand name as an adjective, Nutella has managed to make its brand name into a common word. This was right after the increase in competition in the chocolate spread industry. By making their brand name an adjective that people can use in daily conversation, they become the default chocolate spread brand that is always on the top of everyone’s mind.

Based on these posters, it is quite clear that most businesses are putting out material that sparks a conversation amongst people. It is no longer enough to be a brand that their target thinks about but it is now more important to be a brand that people talk about. Nothing spreads better than word of mouth. Contact us now to get your posters printed today or visit our online shop to make a purchase!

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