3 Most Effective Types of Business Brochures For Singapore

Aug 23, 2016

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Singapore businesses are ever reliant on brochures for point-of-sale, direct mailing and sales support. Getting a fast brochure printer is key because trends change very quickly in this modern metropolis where ideas and innovation are ever evolving.

The traditional business marketing strategies such as billboards have been overtaken by the modern marketing platforms like social media. However, traditional print materials such as brochures have stood the test of time. They are still used by companies to convey information about products and services to the target audience.

Here are three types of brochures that you can count on to empower your company.  

Point-of-Sale Brochure

The point-of-sale brochure is also referred to as point-of-purchase and is strategically placed at the entrance of a commercial building or trade show. It is tailored to grasp the attention of the target audience and lure them to inquire about the products on display at the store. Banks in Singapore place these types of brochures in the banking hall to inform clients about their offers such as reduced interest rate on home loans and auto loans.

Direct Mail

As the name suggests, this kind of brochure is sent via mail to people who may be interested in buying the products. It has to be expertly designed to give the target audience facts about the products on sale and lure them to place an order. A professional brochure designer and printing company can help customize it to suit the target customers.

Sales Support Tool

This type of brochure is used as a selling aid by sales executives. It is designed to guide them through the sales pitch and encourage potential clients to place an order or visit the company website to learn more about the product and possibly place an order. Unlike direct mail and point-of-sale brochure, it has large photos, catching headlines, and relatively large pages. However, they should not be overly complicated.

Finally, when ordering brochures from a printing company make sure that you evaluate the quality of the material that will be used as well as the design to get the best results. One way of doing this is by requesting for a few samples before they are produced in bulk.






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